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Dr. Teju Williams is a Board Certified Physician and Founder of Itura Health. She received her medical degree from Rowan University-SOM, internship in Internal Medicine from Kettering Medical Center, and completed her residency in Family Medicine at University Hospitals Regional Hospital an affiliate of Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Her mission is to help people realize what is possible in the area of health and to spread the good news that you can be well again if struggling with a chronic lifestyle related condition. She hopes to achieve this through ongoing education, empowering people to take accountability for their health, and through the various services offered. The prevailing message is that for the individual wanting to heal, they only have to accept what God has provided in nature and to cooperate with natural laws and the proper way to nourish the body and healing can start to take place. You can experience true health, free from drug medication! The choice is yours! Dr. Teju has a special interest in the area of type 2 diabetes and obesity. 


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