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Comprehensive Lifestyle Program designed for those seeking to loose weight, decrease blood sugar levels, and reduce need for medication

  • DM Management Lifestyle Program

        - 12 weeks / 3 months 

        - 24 weeks / 6 months 

          (book a discovery call to learn more about prices)​

Program includes but not limited to:

- 1-on-1 60 minute monthly consultation with our board-certified family medicine physician, tele-health services are offered for convenience 
- Customized blood work done at marked intervals to monitor progress 
- Oral medication and insulin adjustments to prevent hypoglycemia and hypotension
- Weekly touch-ins to help address any needs, problems, and/or concerns that may arise with plan
- Complimentary electronic cookbook with easy to follow recipe
- Private What's App group for weekly motivational content and group support from other Itura Health members
- Professional video recording of personal testimonial to be featured on all Itura Health platform (optional)

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